Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 5, 2015 ~ Heading to Finland!

Oh boy, in four short days I will be in Finland! Can you believe that? We fly out at 11:30ish from SLC to Dallas, then from Dallas to London and then we arrive Tuesday afternoon in Helsinki at 4:10! It's about a 20 hour day of travel. We will leave the MTC at 6:30 monday morning the 9th! Time sure has flown! But i can't begin to explain how excited/nervous/scared/stoked/every emotion there is! That's how I am feeling! The language is still hard and I continue to make funny little mistakes in our lesson that makes our teacher break character because it's so funny. For example, we were teaching the 10 commandments and our investigator had a question on why coveting was so bad. I had never thought about it so I didn't have an answer for her, so I gladly gave the reigns to my companion. He wanted to say something like, when we begin to want what other have we begin to not be grateful for what we have and we end up hating what the other person has. Although he forgot the word for hate, so without thinking I told him the word haiste, but when I said it it didn't sound right, but I shrugged it off. Well anyways he said haiste which means stinky. So in turn he was saying when we covet we become stinky. Not sure how doctrinally sound that was, but hey our investigator got a laugh. Anyways the word for hate is vihata, not sure how I mixed them up but hey, I now have another good story to tell! 

Since this is our last week in the MTC things became super busy real fast, suddenly remembering that all the stuff I had to get done before I left. So we've been busy running to the dry cleaners, getting pants hemmed, getting stuff laminated but that has also made it fun because I got to do something other than my normal schedule! Yesterday we got to direct traffic for the new missionaries coming in which was fun but it made it more fun that we got to wear our winter apparel! It was a little chilly outside, not to bad, but we still took advantage and broke out the hats, scarves, gloves and I got to wear a nice neon green coat that really brought out my eyes;) And they trusted me with a radio, so I got to have some nice conversations with other people from my district while directing traffic, watching poor mothers crying driving away. I have been here 8 weeks and it's still hard to watch missionaries parents drive away when they are crying but we must go forth in a righteous cause! I also saw Elder Nick Lutes from good ole' Ephraim get dropped off so that was fun to see him along with Elder Mackey! 

Umm not much else has happened except for the fact one day we were up in our residence changing after gym and others were showering and the lights went out. Not only did the light go out but the fire doors closed too. That was pretty funny to see one of the British Elders in my zone going to Albania, run like the wind to grab the door before it closed because he thought he was going to be locked out or something. But all is well and he wasn't locked out! But the Elders in the showers we a little scared considering that you couldn't see your hand infront of your face it was so dark! So they had fun trying to get out of the bathroom! 
Oh boy that's about it, I'm just happy to be here and happier to leave to go to my assigned mission in Finland! I look forward to hearing from you! Love you all!

Vanhin Robison

​This is our district with an Elder from Finland who is going to Sweeden that we've talked a lot with. Elder Mortunen (back row, with glasses next to the tall blondy)

MTC Traffic Squad

My Notebook on the Left and My MTC companions on the Right

My Bed on the Bottom and My MTC companions on the Top.  Complete opposites!

President Garr our MTC Branch President

That's ME ~ Elder Robison

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