Sunday, October 23, 2016

March 8, 2016 ~ Week 25

Wow can you believe it? My 6 month mark is tomorrow! I can not believe that I have been on my mission for 6 months now! Its crazy time is flying! 
With that experiences and blessings are multiplying, just like two snowflakes are not a like, the same goes for a mission. two days are not the same, except for the MTC where everyday is the same. But still, here we get to see and hear and experience new things! What a great blessing that is! 

One for those things we get to experience is the outward expression of love our Father in Heaven shows to us everyday. This week our investigators have felt some hard times, but like physics every act has an equal and opposite reaction, much like our adversity and trials. With this down week, they will be able to have a greater appreciation for the gospel in their lives because of the opposition they have experienced. Im not sure if that made sense, it did in my head. 

We had an awesome lesson yesterday with one of our new investigators that we found tracking! He doesn't know much about Jesus Christ or God so we spent time on that which lead us to the Book of Mormon. We read the introduction with him and the part that stuck out to him was that by reading and applying the teaching in the book we can grow closer to God than by another book. He asked us what experiences we had had with that. And to be honest i had never thought about that until that moment. My mind was immediately recalled back to President Uchtdorfs talk this past conference called Ít Works Wonderfully´. There he asks us if the gospel is working for us? But to me it was now, is the Book of Mormon working for us? Is it really drawing us closer to God? And My answer is yes, it works wonderfully! 

Other than that great bird walk I had, this week went great! I love you all, have a great week! And ask if the Book of Mormon is working for yourselves.

Vanhin Robison

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