Sunday, October 23, 2016

March 14, 2016 ~ Week 26

Wow this past week I hit my 6 month mark, i cant believe it! That mean I have been in the beautiful land of Finland for 4 months! Nuts! Also transfer calls came! I am staying here in Lahti to complete my first 6 months in the country all in Lahti, the best place in Finland!  And my companion who has been here for 6 months is getting the boot and going to Rauma, a beautiful city on the coast! 

But this week was really awesome! Yesterday we had a powerful lesson with our investigator who dropped us in February weeks before her baptism. But yesterday we went back and got to the root of the problem and why she did. Lets just say, if you a question about something in the BoM or doctrine, the internet is not the most reliable source, but modern day revelation is! After listening to her side of he story we did all that we know how to do, and that is bare clear simple, powerful testimonies about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the divinity of the Book of Mormon and of the Prophet Joseph Smith. The spirit was so strong in there, almost impossible not to feel it and it really lead and guided our words as we tried to problem solve! 

That is the main highlight of the week! Its a struggle to remember everything that happens in a week seeing as everyday is the same, but a he same time totally different! A lot for tracting and street contacting, two missionaries favorite things to do haha... But its all worth it for the spirit that was felt and the lives that we have tried to impact by this powerful message! I love you and hope all is well! 

Vanhin Robison

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