Sunday, October 23, 2016

January 26, 2016 ~ Week 20

My last week of training! YEAH! Man staying inside till 1300 hrs almost every morning is rough but this is the last week I have to do it!:) This week has been great full of a lot of tracting and finding and teaching and training and so one, but the best moment was SEEING THE NORTHERN LIGHTS! Thats right i saw them! Man they are a spectacular sight! Although they werent bright enough to take a picture! But we also had a world wide missionary broadcast which was really good! We receive training from Elders Anderson, Bednar, Oaks and Waddle as well as President Clayton of the 70. 
We got a referral from the sisters, they contacted a girl on a bus and set up a lesson with her but see is in our area and she is one solid person! We taught her on Sunday and she is so cool and really prepared! 

We also found thisone guy on the street he seemed pretty cool so we got his address and stopped by his house yesterday but he is a total nut haha! He sang for us, drew a portrait of Elder Smith, applied for healthcare, lifted weights all during our lesson with him. I offered the closing prayer and he corrected my Finnish for me, even though it want wrong it was just another way of saying it. It was one really interesting lesson. we only got like 10 words out. But when we were leaving he asked if we baptized people by water and we said yeah and then he asked us the baptism him, so who knows maybe we will, if we could ever get through a lesson with him. Just the weirdest experience of my life haha! 
And the weather has gotten really wierd, on friday it was -32 and then Saturday was -9 and today it rained. Mother nature is really confused right now. But ti should be fun to see whats instore this week! Thats all for this week I love you all so much! 

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