Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 12, 2016 ~ Week 18

Wow I feel like I have been out here way longer than 18 weeks. I probably have, my counting has never been good haha! But this week was a nice cold Finnish week:) With temperatures plummeting to a solid -30 celsius, but don't worry because I discovered the art of hand warmer in mittens, thermals, and heaters in apartments buildings. This week while tracting and being pretty cold, we took a break from knocking doors to warm our feet and shoes on the heater in the apartment buildings and made some phone calls. It was a good day:) Also there was a baptism this week, it wasn't any of our investigators I was involved. Also I get to stay in Lahti for the next 9 weeks with Elder Smith! Prayers really are answered! 

I guess that I should mention that our recent convert of a little over a month gave a talk at the baptism and killed it! And also brought two friend with his who have now turned into investigators with the addition of one of theirs friends! Man what a guy! 

Also a different investigator of ours really showed her true colors by picking up and taking the two people that were baptized on Saturday to church on Sunday. I mean how blessed is this land! We have investigators taking our recent converts to church! Dang! I love this city! Today we got a nice big snow storm and I think it will continue and hopefully never stop:) I love being a missionary and being able to serve here! The people are just the best and that thought of leaving really makes me sad, so I don't think about it:) I hope all is well! Sorry its so short, I ran low on time! 
Vanhin Robison

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