Sunday, January 24, 2016

December 8, 2015 ~ Week 13

Hello all of my awesome friends and family! Boy did Finland have a treat for us yesterday that continued on today:) So yesterday we were making lunch and I was cutting the onions. I thought that I was man enough to not cry but no such luck! Onions are mean suckers! But I noticed the room to get brighter and brighter, I though it was the onions playing a joke on me and my eyes were "going to the light" (like they were dying). But then I looked up out the window and the sky was blue! I thought that i would try my luck and I walked out onto the balcony and turned to my left (the south) and low and behold... I SAW THE SUN!!!!!!! Wow that just lifts your spirits right up after studying for 4 straight hours! But just to make my sight of the sun in about  month, I did what any mature servant of God would have done, which is stare right into it, and of course take a selfie with it! Man I love the sun! And its out again today! Whoop Whoop! I love the sun!

But that was not the crowning moment of the week! The crowning moment of the week was clearly our baptism! Boy oh boy was the a stressful time! All the way from forgetting the baptismal forms for our district leader to sign to our investigator showing up 15 minutes late to his baptism to him showing up late to church! Super stressful but well worth the stress! Everything ran soomthly once he showed up hah! But then we had a lesson that night with a lady so we needed a member to take with us and all of them were busy so we were like, "Hey why not bring our investigator we just baptized 30 minutes ago?" Haha! He came with us and he absolutley spirituallly slayed it! We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and we had him bare his testimony about baptism and just his testimony and h really brought the spirit, giving a pure simple testimony and sharing experiences! Up until that point I had reall been wondering if he was converted or not, if what we had taught "wrought a mighty change in his heart" or not, and I am here to say that he has! He is a new man! Spiritually reborn! What an awesome lesson! We both felt prompted to then committ to baptism and she said yes! But we didnt set a date.... whoops. But our "member" who came along bore so much testimony about church attendence so we also committed her to come to church the next day, and.... she came!! What a blessed experience! Missionary work just gets more and more fun! I love you all and look forward to hearing form you next week!

Finally found some people to teach!
Dressed and Ready for my first baptism!

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