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December 15, 2015 ~ Week 14

Hello friends and family! This was such a busy week! Busy weeks are the best! On Thursday the Helsinki and Tampere Zones went down to Helsinki for a Mission Tour Zone Conference with Elder Dyches of the area presidency and he is one cool guy! He spoke to us a lot about working with memebers and becoming master teachers and teaching like the savior! He made it real simple for me which I liked! he said to 1. Simplify 2. Clarify 3. Verify and 4. Testify. It was as really good and rewarding conference! Then to make that day better we got to play sählu! That is a super fun game! We played with the bishop, a few other members, a less active and his friend! Such a fun time! My companion is killer at it! 
Awesome lake Vesijärvi

Then the next day (Friday) we had a few lessons which are always fun and we made Joulu Tarttu (some really good Finnish pastry around Christmas time) for the ward party on saturday! We made over 200 so that was a fun, long night haha! Then the crowning event of the weekend was the mission wide know famous Lahti wrad Christmas party! I was told it was the best and now I beleive it! They had all these cool skits and songs from children and the young mens and the bishopric! The bishopric was so funny! They stole the show! 
Then I guess it is a tradition that the missionaries do a rap there so we made ours like an hour before we preformed and it was shaky and half was in Enlgish. But the members still love it and said we did great even hough we know they lied to us, but hey it makes me feel better!:) 

Oh yeah and the reason that i am writing on Monday is because we have what is called interim. That is after 5 weeks in the country all the new missionaries and their trainers come down to Presidents house for the week adnd receive training, so my P-day is today not tomorrow! We leave tonight to go down there! 
Well that is about all! Its cold here now and it snowed so it really is Christmas here:) I hope everyone has great week and I will talk to you next week! 
Vanhin Robison

Finally found a statue with clothes on!
The Sisters in Lahti who feel like family.

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