Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 19, 2016 ~ Week 19

January 12, 2016 ~ Week 18

Wow I feel like I have been out here way longer than 18 weeks. I probably have, my counting has never been good haha! But this week was a nice cold Finnish week:) With temperatures plummeting to a solid -30 celsius, but don't worry because I discovered the art of hand warmer in mittens, thermals, and heaters in apartments buildings. This week while tracting and being pretty cold, we took a break from knocking doors to warm our feet and shoes on the heater in the apartment buildings and made some phone calls. It was a good day:) Also there was a baptism this week, it wasn't any of our investigators I was involved. Also I get to stay in Lahti for the next 9 weeks with Elder Smith! Prayers really are answered! 

I guess that I should mention that our recent convert of a little over a month gave a talk at the baptism and killed it! And also brought two friend with his who have now turned into investigators with the addition of one of theirs friends! Man what a guy! 

Also a different investigator of ours really showed her true colors by picking up and taking the two people that were baptized on Saturday to church on Sunday. I mean how blessed is this land! We have investigators taking our recent converts to church! Dang! I love this city! Today we got a nice big snow storm and I think it will continue and hopefully never stop:) I love being a missionary and being able to serve here! The people are just the best and that thought of leaving really makes me sad, so I don't think about it:) I hope all is well! Sorry its so short, I ran low on time! 
Vanhin Robison

January 5, 2016 ~ Week 17

December 29, 2015 ~ Week 16

December 22, 2015 ~ Week 15

Hello all! Wow what a week! Im pretty sure i start every email off like that, my bad. But it was quite a week! On Monday we went down to Helsinki for our interim training and it was 3 straight days of training for like 12 hours a day. They were some long days full of self pondering, making corrections and learning. But I feel I came out better and more determined than when I went in! We talked a lot about Charity, Faith, Hope, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, planning and everything single things was related to obedience. So it was kind of like a chastisement all week because I realize I can be doing so much better! But good thing we have the atonement of Jesus Christ! I also think that I got called out because I hadn't cut my hair since I left the MTC, and it was shaggy, and President was talking about our appearance, and he says, Elders some of you need a haircut in here. Then he scanned that room and tried so hard not to make eye contact, but I did, and realized that yeah that was to me, whoops. So dont worry I cut my hair, actually Elder Smith cut my hair! I have a lot of trust in him because I love my hair a lot and for me to let him touch took a big step, but he did well!

Anyways we also went to the temple her in Finland, and it maybe one of the prettiest temples that i have been in! I hope everyone here gets the opportunity to come to the Temple in Finland! Such a beautiful place!! Then we came back on Friday morning and got into Lahti at about 9, did some studies for like an hour then we had a lesson! Super good lesson btw!

Then this weekend was just full of tracking and building member relationships! We knocked a lot of doors, got a lot of nos (which really means later ill accept) and a few yess! So not a bad week! Weve really been focusing on our message about the Savior this past month and Im amazed at how many people say that they dont need him. Its super sad! We all need him! Thats why he is called our "Savior"! 

Also other sad news is that i Have had a white Christmas every year my whole life, until
I come to Finland of all places! Haha! Its been in the 40s and rainy all week. Im kind of bummed out about that. They say its Lahti's warmest summer EVER! Im living in the history book, in the present! Life is moving right along! Remember the Savior this Christmas season! I know that he lives! He loves us and wants to help us! Let us accept his gift to us!

With love,
Vanhin Robison

December 15, 2015 ~ Week 14

Hello friends and family! This was such a busy week! Busy weeks are the best! On Thursday the Helsinki and Tampere Zones went down to Helsinki for a Mission Tour Zone Conference with Elder Dyches of the area presidency and he is one cool guy! He spoke to us a lot about working with memebers and becoming master teachers and teaching like the savior! He made it real simple for me which I liked! he said to 1. Simplify 2. Clarify 3. Verify and 4. Testify. It was as really good and rewarding conference! Then to make that day better we got to play sählu! That is a super fun game! We played with the bishop, a few other members, a less active and his friend! Such a fun time! My companion is killer at it! 
Awesome lake Vesijärvi

Then the next day (Friday) we had a few lessons which are always fun and we made Joulu Tarttu (some really good Finnish pastry around Christmas time) for the ward party on saturday! We made over 200 so that was a fun, long night haha! Then the crowning event of the weekend was the mission wide know famous Lahti wrad Christmas party! I was told it was the best and now I beleive it! They had all these cool skits and songs from children and the young mens and the bishopric! The bishopric was so funny! They stole the show! 
Then I guess it is a tradition that the missionaries do a rap there so we made ours like an hour before we preformed and it was shaky and half was in Enlgish. But the members still love it and said we did great even hough we know they lied to us, but hey it makes me feel better!:) 

Oh yeah and the reason that i am writing on Monday is because we have what is called interim. That is after 5 weeks in the country all the new missionaries and their trainers come down to Presidents house for the week adnd receive training, so my P-day is today not tomorrow! We leave tonight to go down there! 
Well that is about all! Its cold here now and it snowed so it really is Christmas here:) I hope everyone has great week and I will talk to you next week! 
Vanhin Robison

Finally found a statue with clothes on!
The Sisters in Lahti who feel like family.

December 8, 2015 ~ Week 13

Hello all of my awesome friends and family! Boy did Finland have a treat for us yesterday that continued on today:) So yesterday we were making lunch and I was cutting the onions. I thought that I was man enough to not cry but no such luck! Onions are mean suckers! But I noticed the room to get brighter and brighter, I though it was the onions playing a joke on me and my eyes were "going to the light" (like they were dying). But then I looked up out the window and the sky was blue! I thought that i would try my luck and I walked out onto the balcony and turned to my left (the south) and low and behold... I SAW THE SUN!!!!!!! Wow that just lifts your spirits right up after studying for 4 straight hours! But just to make my sight of the sun in about  month, I did what any mature servant of God would have done, which is stare right into it, and of course take a selfie with it! Man I love the sun! And its out again today! Whoop Whoop! I love the sun!

But that was not the crowning moment of the week! The crowning moment of the week was clearly our baptism! Boy oh boy was the a stressful time! All the way from forgetting the baptismal forms for our district leader to sign to our investigator showing up 15 minutes late to his baptism to him showing up late to church! Super stressful but well worth the stress! Everything ran soomthly once he showed up hah! But then we had a lesson that night with a lady so we needed a member to take with us and all of them were busy so we were like, "Hey why not bring our investigator we just baptized 30 minutes ago?" Haha! He came with us and he absolutley spirituallly slayed it! We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and we had him bare his testimony about baptism and just his testimony and h really brought the spirit, giving a pure simple testimony and sharing experiences! Up until that point I had reall been wondering if he was converted or not, if what we had taught "wrought a mighty change in his heart" or not, and I am here to say that he has! He is a new man! Spiritually reborn! What an awesome lesson! We both felt prompted to then committ to baptism and she said yes! But we didnt set a date.... whoops. But our "member" who came along bore so much testimony about church attendence so we also committed her to come to church the next day, and.... she came!! What a blessed experience! Missionary work just gets more and more fun! I love you all and look forward to hearing form you next week!

Finally found some people to teach!
Dressed and Ready for my first baptism!

December 1, 2015 ~ Week 12

November 24, 2015 ~ Week 11